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July 27, 2017, 05:44:06 PM
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Author Topic: Ammended By-Laws to be voted on at December meeting  (Read 1207 times)
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« on: November 26, 2012, 08:26:12 AM »



Section 1.            The name of the organization shall be the Alaska Frontier Trappers
                             Association, Inc., hereafter called the AFTA.

Section 2.            The mailing address for the association shall be P.O. Box 3208,
                             Palmer, Alaska 99645.  The offices for the association shall be at such
                             place as the principal officers shall appoint.

Section 3.            The executive powers of the AFTA shall be vested in a panel of
                             officers selected by the general membership, and shall be composed
                             of the 5 principal officers of the association (President, Vice President.
                            Treasurer, Secretary, Sergeant-at-Arms/Director).   A majority (3 must
                            be present, one of which must be the President or Vice President) of the
                            principal officers shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of any
                            official association business.


            The purposes of this association are as follows:

         The advancement of the best interests of trappers and the fur industry as
                             a whole.

         To promote the practice of professional ethics and practices in the
                             trapping of fur bearing animals.

         To promote the education of children, and the public in general, about
                             trapping as a necessary wildlife management tool.

         To cooperate with other organizations in the promotion of the wise uses
                             of our natural resources.

         To aid and cooperate with law enforcement agencies in their
                             apprehension and prosecution of trap and fur thieves and other game
                             law violators.

         To oppose regulations or legislation which would impose unreasonable
                   restrictions on the taking of fur bearing animals or the sale of pelts or
                   parts thereof.

Section 1.             Eligibility

              Anyone subscribing to the aims and purposes of the AFTA is eligible
                             for membership in this organization.

Section 2.             Dues

      a.     Dues shall be established by the principal officers with the
                             approval of a majority of the membership.

                     b.     Annual dues shall cover a one (1) year period from date of payment.
                             Upon payment of annual dues a member shall be deemed “in good

                     c.     Life Membership shall be ten (10) times the annual dues and includes
                             all entitlements of Article III, Section 3, except subtitle (d.).

                     d.    Life member’s spouse may buy Life Membership for $50 less
                            than Life Membership.
Section 3.            Entitlements

                            All adult members in good standing shall be entitled to:

One vote at all general membership meetings.

Eligibility to vote for Officers.

Eligibility to serve as an Officer.

Subscription to the “Trapper and Predator Caller” and/or “Trappers World” magazine ( Annual adult members only).

Entry into monthly attendance drawings at meetings

Section 4.            Meetings

General meetings will be held the first Tuesday of the month,
                            September through May, at the time and place designated by the
                            principal officers.

The annual meeting is held in December.

Special meetings of the general membership may be called at any time by the President, Vice President or upon the written request of any three (3) members in good standing.  Special meetings will be posted on the AFTA website at least 3 business days before the meeting is held.

Written and signed proxy votes will be honored at all membership meetings.

A quorum shall consist of a majority of the members represented at any properly noticed general meeting, but in no case shall that number be less than 9 members (one of which must be the President or Vice President) in good standing.

Section 5.          Resignation
                          Any member may resign from the AFTA by written notice to the
                          President or Secretary, or by non-renewal of dues.


Section 1.         Officers

                         The principal officers of the AFTA shall consist of a President, Vice
                         President, Secretary, Treasurer and Sergeant-at-Arms/Director. 

Section 2.         Elections

Principal officers shall be nominated each year at the November meeting, with elections at the December annual meeting.  Term of office for principal officers is two (2) years and begins each January.  Officers can serve consecutive terms.

Nomination of a member in good standing for an office in the AFTA can be made from the floor at the November general meeting, or be mailed/emailed to the Secretary of the AFTA to arrive prior to November first (1st) for inclusion on the ballot.

Section 3.         Removal

Any officer shall be subject to removal by a majority vote of the entire
                          membership at any time, with or without cause.

                   b.    In case of absence, inability to act, disability or refusal to act of any
                          officer or agent of the Association, the President may, without removal,
                          delegate the powers and duties of such officer or agent to any other
                          officer, agent or suitable person(s) selected by the principal officers for
                          such period of time as they may prescribe.

                   c.    Non-support of the purposes of the AFTA, as defined in Article III, shall
                          be just cause for removal of any member.

Section 4.         Annual Reports

                         The principal officers will make an annual report to the membership at
                         the December meeting.

Section 5.         Vacancies

                         Vacancies in the principal officers shall be filled by appointment by the
                         President and confirmed on a vote by the membership.  A vacancy
                         shall be deemed to exist on the occurrence of any of the following:

The death or resignation of any officer.

The declaration by resolution of the membership of a vacancy of an officer position due to: 1) that officer’s conviction of a game and/or trapping felony/misdemeanor, or 2) declaration from a court that an officer is of unsound mind or has been found by order or judgement of any court to have breached a duty to the Association under Alaska State law.

Upon action by the principal officers, in the event an officer has three (3) consecutive absences with no contact regarding the absence.

                             d.   An officer appointed or elected to fill a vacancy shall complete the
                                   unexpired term of their predecessor.

Section 6.         Compensation

                            a.   Officers shall not receive any stated compensation for their services
                                  as such, except by resolution of the membership.

                            b.   The principal officers shall have the power, with the approval of the
                                  membership, to contract for and to pay officers rendering unusual
                                  or exceptional services to the Association.  Special compensation
                                  shall be appropriate to the value of such services.

                            c.    Officers, if requested, may receive a free magazine (1) subscription
                                   and a free (annual) membership while serving as an elected official
                                   of the Association.

Section 7.         Powers of the Association

                         Subject to the limitations of the AFTA by-laws and the laws of the State
                         of Alaska, all powers of this association shall be exercised by or under
                         the authority of, and the business and affairs of the Association shall be
                         controlled by, the principal Officers (with consent of the Association
                         membership).  Without limiting the general powers, the Principal Officers
                         shall have the following powers:

To act on behalf of the association in an emergency situation as required, to select and remove any officer, agents and employees of the Association, prescribe such powers and duties for them as may not be  inconsistent with the laws of the state of Alaska or the By-laws of the AFTA, fix their compensation and require from them security for faithful service.

To conduct, manage and control the affairs and business of the Association and to make rules and regulations, subject to membership approval, not inconsistent with the laws of the state of Alaska or the By-laws of the AFTA.

To create such committee(s) as it may deem expedient to carry out the purposes of the Association.

The Principal Officers shall have the accounts of the Association audited at the end of each fiscal year and shall report these findings to the membership at large at the January meeting.


Section 1.        Duties


The president shall be the Chief Executive and Administrative Officer of the Association.  The President shall be charged with the overall general management of the association, shall perform all duties incident to the office of President and such other duties as shall from time to time come before him.  The President shall preside at all meetings of the members.  The President shall act as Chair of the Executive Committee and shall be an ex-officio member of all other committees.  The President shall execute all formal documents authorized by the AFTA and will be an authorized signer on all financial accounts of the AFTA.

Vice President

In the absence of the President, or in the event of the President’s death, inability or refusal to act, the Vice President shall perform the duties of the President.  The Vice President shall also have such duties and powers as shall from time to time be set forth by the AFTA.


The Secretary shall attend and keep attendance of the minutes of all meetings of the association and shall attend to the giving and serving of all notices of the association.  The Secretary shall make, or cause to be made, and keep, a record containing the names (alphabetically arranged) of all persons who are members of the Association, showing their places of residence; shall in general perform all the duties incidental to the office of Secretary and shall have such other powers and perform such duties as the AFTA may from time to time set forth.
The Treasurer shall collect, receive, deposit and invest the funds of the Association as directed by the President; shall render monthly financial statements to the general membership and such other reports and accounts of the financial condition of the Association as may from time to time be requested by the President; shall perform such other duties as are incident to the office of Treasurer; and shall have such powers and perform such other duties as the AFTA may from time to time set forth.

Sergeant-at-Arms / Director

The Sergeant-at-Arms / Director shall assist the President and/or Vice President in maintaining good order and discipline during all  meetings at which they may preside.  The Sergeant-at-Arms / Director shall have such other powers as the AFTA may from time to time set forth.

Section 2.         Committees

Executive Committee

There shall be an Executive Committee comprised of the association principal officers (President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and Sergeant-at-Arms/Director).  The Executive Committee shall have and exercise all the authority of the AFTA in the management of the Association between monthly meetings, except with respect to:

The amendment or repeal of By-laws or the adoption of new By-laws.

The amendment or repeal of any resolution of the AFTA which, by its express terms, is not amendable or capable of being repealed.

The approval of any action for which Alaska State law requires a majority vote of the membership.

                                   4.   The amendment or change of any resolution or motion which
                                         the members have created through a vote at a general and/or
                                         special meeting.

Advisory Committees

The President of the Association shall appoint members and a chairperson(s) to such committee(s) as the President shall deem advisable from time to time.  Such committee(s) shall be advisable by the President and shall report to the President and the membership.


The fiscal year of the Association shall commence on January first (1st) of each year and end on December thirty-first (31st).


The obligations of a member, or the prestige of an official of the association, shall not be used for the benefit or the advancement of any private enterprise for profit.

The Association shall not be used to promote interests of any political party, organization or any individual who is a candidate for public office.  The foregoing shall not be construed to prevent this association from advancing in any way, the interests of Trappers or the interests of legislation previously endorsed by the membership of the AFTA.

The membership list shall not be used for any purpose other than Association business without the express consent of the Principal Officers.

No member, other than an elected officer, shall represent themselves as an official spokesman of the Association without written permission from the President or the Executive Committee, or a vote of the general membership.  First offense shall result in a verbal warning.  Second offense shall result in revocation of member’s membership without refund of dues.


No member, officer, employee, member of a committee or person connected with the Association shall receive at any time, any of the net earnings or pecuniary profit from the operations of the Association, provided this does not prevent the payment of any such person of such reasonable compensation for services rendered.  No such persons shall be entitled to share in the distribution of any Association assets upon the dissolution of the Association.

All members of the Association shall be deemed to have expressly consented and agreed that, upon such dissolution or winding up of the affairs of the Association, whether voluntary or involuntary, the assets of the Association, after all debts have been satisfied, shall be distributed, transferred, conveyed, delivered and paid over exclusively to any trapping organizations which would then qualify under the provisions of Section 501 C (3) or Section 501 C (6) of the Internal Revenue Code and its regulations as they now exist or as they may hereafter be amended.


(A.)  These By-laws shall be subject to alteration, amendment or repeal, and new By-laws
         may be added, by the affirmative vote of a quorum of the AFTA membership at any
         regular or special meeting.

(B.)   Upon a change to these By-Laws, a current copy shall be posted with the changes
         on the AFTA website.

(C.)   There shall be a current copy of the By-Laws at all general and special meetings.

(D.)   Each new member, upon request, shall be furnished with one free copy of the most
         current set of By-Laws.  All new or amended revisions to the By-Laws will be made
         available to the membership at the next general meeting and posted on the AFTA


Section 1.        Sub Chapters

(A.)  All sub chapters will consist of at least three members.  As a minimum, these three
         members will constitute the President, Vice President and Treasurer of the sub

(B.)  All dues shall be paid to the AFTA, Inc., as the parent organization.

(C.)  In addition to any sub chapter by-laws that may be created, sub chapters must adopt
        and be governed by the by-laws of the AFTA, Inc.

(D.)  All members in good standing shall have one vote in any AFTA general or special
        election or in any matter coming before the AFTA, Inc.

(E.)  Proposals, submitted in writing to the AFTA from sub chapters, shall be presented to
        all members via the next available general meeting and through the ATA website.


Section 1.         Member recognition

(A.)  A list of all paid-up life members shall be available at each general meeting for
        viewing by any member in good standing.

(B.)  A list of all paid-up life members shall be published on the AFTA website.

Section 2.         Trapper of the Year (TOY)

(A.)  All members in good standing shall be eligible for TOY.

(B.)  Nominated members must have performed service in such a manner as to have
        promoted the health and vigor of the AFTA and the trapping lifestyle.

(C.)  TOY nominations shall be submitted to the AFTA no later than the March general
        meeting, with a subsequent vote by the membership (via mail, email or in person) at
        the April general meeting.  The results of the vote will be announced and an award/
        plaque presented to the recipient at the annual Rendezvous.

(D.)  TOY shall not be awarded more than once to the same member in a five year period.

 The foregoing by-laws were adopted as the by-laws of this Association by the membership on,

                           Date: December 4,  2012.


____________________      ____________________   
Steven Schafer - President                     Jeffrey Tuttle - Vice President                       

____________________      ____________________   
Jamie Bragg - Treasurer                        Jennifer Heckler - Secretary

Rick Ellis - Sergeant-at-Arms/Director
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« Reply #1 on: November 26, 2012, 08:32:57 AM »

Here are the By-Laws to be voted on at the December 4 20112 meeting.  All members have an input on these.  You may also vote yes or no by proxy vote either by mail in or electronically to the secretary.  This is only a base to start with since the old by-laws were very outdated we can always make addendum's to these in the future as we grow, develop, and change.  If there are any issues you may see please pm me.

Thank you
Jim Spaulding
Chairman By-Laws Committee
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