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Title: Feb 3rd meeting minutes
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Date: Feb. 3rd 2015

Time: 7 pm

Location: Palmer library


Given by: Mike Peryane

Topic: How to flesh and board a beaver


Called by: Al Spencer

Board members present: Al Spencer, Nick stark, Jamie Bragg, Earl Bragg and Vice president Josh


               Treasury report

                              Read and approved

               Secretary’s report

                              -Old Business

                                             Sportsman’s show, Dog release kits, Vendors, Volunteers, dinner auction, trapping tags in SE

               Agenda Topics

Discussion: Todd Rinaldi (ADF&G Biologist)

               -dogs in traps

               -New group called (Alaska safe trails) Lynn Mitchell

                     -Trying to ban trapping in certain borough locations

               -ATA hired a lawyer for looking into the case

               -Title 24 (ban trapping)

                     -restricting trapping on a park by park basis/ limiting trapping in state parks

               -Pushing borough to ban trapping in Crevasse Morraine, and Matsu River Park and possibly other trails

               - Leash laws are not there to protect dogs but to protect users of the trails, parks and AK wildlife

               - Falsifying fliers sent out to Anchorage folks

               Conclusion: Alaska Safe Trails avidly trying to ban trapping

Discussion: John

-Rather than taking away land to trap on because it may be (less appropriate), the state should make a mandatory trapping education course similar to hunters education Course.

-To know how and where it is Appropriate to Trap

Conclusion: The AFTA and ATA will work together to post signs around heavily used multi user trails that state- Keep dogs on leashes and for trappers to be ethical about placement of traps

Discussion: Al Spencer

               -Alaska Outdoor council

               -Volunteers needed

               - Rendezvous discussion- go ahead with Dave Auld is chair

               - Possibly at willow community center

               Conclusion: Going to Contact Evangelos and see if there is a date available in mid to late June.  Also, Dave plans on being chair for dinner auction

Meeting called at 10:00