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Title: Feb. Meeting Minutes 2014
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A.F.T.A. General Meeting - February 4, 2014
7:02p.m. - Demo - Wolf Trapping by Kenny Barber
Treasurer's Report - Secretary's Report
Old Business:
N.A.F.A. grading class in March 24 & 25, application turned into library for approval - we need to provide furs to have critiqued and a furs to be skinned and boards to have the hides stretched on and a fleshing beam and knives.
Dinner auction plans - some tables have been sold, have been told too early for some places when trying to get donations. Committee meetings to be held more as the time gets closer to the event.
Outdoorsman show - Earl B. is Chairman - March 21, 22, 23 - anyone wants to volunteer, you can contact Earl B. - bring furs to sell
Scholarships - John C. Chairman
B.O.G. proposals
Bear snaring class here at library - Chris Brockman - May meeting
Proposal discussion about banning trapping
Conservationist of the Year award - Kenny Barber nominated
Renewed A.O.C. membership
Letter from fur takers of America for donations - we donated 2 life memberships to them
Gaming license - still need people to take tests for license
New Business:
Cym Smyth and Kelley Maxiner (Iditarod Mushers) Sponsorship - donate $500 to each person this year for their run this year. Rick E. moves to sponsor same amount of money if they run. Steve S. second - all in favor - motion passed unanimously.
Fur Rondy fur auctions coming up on February 22 and Saturday March 1 - 12% commission, must be a member of AFTA.
Willow Winter Carnival - declined for this year, but interest for next year, 2015.
Renewal for membership for fur takers of America to affiliate. Dues are owed, motion to renew made by Steve S., Rick E. second, all in favor, carried unanimous.
Minnesota trappers assn. has come up with a Conibear release kit - Rick E. proposed (made a motion) to get a kits to hand out to dog owners locally, Steve S. second - all in favor - motion passed unanimously.
ATA has started passing out flyers "How to release your pet from a trap or snare"
Maud road shooting range - firewood permits are out via the forrest service. They will start this summer on building range.
Meeting adjourned - 8:43pm