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AFTA General Meeting - Tuesday December 3, 2013
Trap swap 6:00pm - 7:00pm
Meeting start 7:15pm - Airplane Trapping demo with Scott Gage
(32 in attendance)
Business Meeting start - 8:20pm
Treasurer's and Secretary's reports
Old Business:
AFTA committee meeting for dinner auction - early bird special - see flyer
Gaming License update - test to be taken - to do own raffles.
501 (c) 3 status - Rick Ellis and Jim Spaulding to finish "application" for the process.
NAFA in March 24, 25 - waiting to secure location to hold event - can we record? Waiting to find out about 2014 fees for library use.
New Business:
March 21, 22, 23 2014 at menard center matsu outdoorsman show - motion to have a booth at outdoorsman show with volunteers made by Steve Schafer - second by Jeff Tuttle. Discussion - fees up from previous years. Do we still have a discount? All in favor - none oppose - carried unanimous vote. Will have a booth.
Earl Bragg to chair board for outdoorsman show - Jeff Tuttle to be second chair. Will have sign up sheet for volunteers to help with the event i.e. set-up, take-down, "manage" during the day.
Members can bring fur to sell - 10% goes to the organization for selling furs under AFTA.
Looking for tanned Lynx fur missing from last year's matsu outdoorsman show - belongs to Boomer.
Matsu friends of NRA doing a banquet this year - drawing for gun to be held January 26 at Wasilla High School show.
Scholarships for high school students for college - Wasilla High still has it listed.
T-shirts for sale - men's and women's - patches and decals AFTA for sale.
Introductions for new members and antendees.