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Title: September 3, 2013 Meeting Minutes
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AFTA General Meeting - Tuesday September 3, 2013 - 7:05pm


Trailer is registered and plates are in

discussion of insurance for the organization

Special meeting recall for computer approval and final results of banquet.

Purchased new material for 2014 afta dinner auction

Computer works well - website is almost up to par

Facebook page is available for Alaska Frontier Trapper's Association.

Boondocks in Eagle River has the Alaska Range Trapping Supply partially set up if anyone wants to go. They are no longer honoring the AFTA 10% discount - no discount is given.

Treasure's Report

Secretary's Report


Interested in have NAFA teach fur handling - possibly do in Anchorage opening it to the southcentral chapter. Suggest Joe Madding to come down and pitch why to use Fur Harvesters instead of NAFA. John Shaunbach motion to put in play, Rick Ellis second. Steve motion to pass - all in favor.

Trapping School - Earl Bragg - otter/beaver with Josh Huntsaker

Steve Schafer/Dave Crandall - mink/martin/ermin

John Shaunbach - coyote/fox

Kenny Barber - wolverine ?

Dusty Pickworth - Muskrat

Rick Ellis or Jeff Tuttle - Lynx?

Jennifer Heckler - meals - donuts or muffins - coffee/hot water for breakfast (cocoa, hot tea, cider). Lunch - chili and hotdogs

3 people signed up for trapping school so far

Rooms 118 & 122 for the morning classes and behind the UAA farm in the afternoon.

501 (c) 3 - someone needs to step up for status
Gaming License - someone needs to step up for status.

Someone needed to head the 2014 afta dinner auction. - suggest Jeff Tuttle to head

Steve Schafer trying to get a wolf trapper to participate in association.

Meet adjourned - motion by Steve Schafer second by Rick Ellis second - meeting adjourned 8:24pm.