The Alaska Frontier Trappers Association is based in Southcentral Alaska, and is dedicated to promoting the professional ethics and practices in the trapping of fur bearing animals. We work to educate fellow trappers, children and the public in general about trapping as a necessary wildlife management and research tool. We work in cooperation with other organizations to promote the wise and sustainable use of our natural resources.

The Alaska Frontier Trappers Association, Inc. is a great organization to join and get connected with other trappers in the state. View the Membership page to see the benefits of becoming a member.

Nice discounts and free magazines.

Our monthly meetings (Sept. thru May) consist of a guest speaker and/or a demonstration from a members for particular types of sets and fur handling information. Monthly e-mail are sent out with meeting reminder and any events updates associated with our organization.
We are very lucky to have local biologists drop by to share their information and research statistics. Alaska Wildlife Troopers and other local law enforcement agencies occasionally attend to share with us what they have been encountering while out in the field.
Stop by and pick up some tips and tricks or share some of your own.

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Trappers Code of Ethics

Alaska Trappers Manual

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